Mayday Music can provide you with special compositions or arrangements which can either be musical scores and parts ready for performance, finished audio files, midi files (or any logical combination of formats). These might be for a variety of purposes such as film incidental or title music, music for special events, song compositions or accompaniments.


There are some examples of this work on the Mobile Recording and DVD Work pages, but here are a few more to show the range and quality of work.


The first one is an audio file of Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me in the version by Gloria Estefan. I was asked to prepare this for a singer who asked for a backing track as close to the original (which is a really lovely arrangement) as possible, and I am proud of the similarity to the original that has been done.


In fact, so that you can more easily scrutinise the comparison, this example isn't actually on these web pages but is, instead, a little computer program which you will need to download to show a direct comparison between the two versions.


It looks like this:



Once downloaded, the START button plays the music and you can use the slider and PAN button to compare the original track with the Mayday Music version.


As the music first plays, both versions are playing together across the full sound stage. You can hear each one independently by using the slider. If you click the PAN button the original moves to the left speaker and the copy moves to the right. The slider still allows you to hear them separately but each one will only be in one speaker. The button that has become a CENTER button (what was the PAN button) will spread both versions across the full sound stage again.


Click here to download the program (only for Windows I am afraid). It is quite a large program file (111 MB) because the sound files need to be wav files in order to play simultaneously, but I am sure you will have fun playing with it and (hopefully), also becoming aware of the quality of backing tracks that Mayday Music can provide.



The next example was a commission for the 75th Anniversary of The Doncaster Music Service. A tribute to William Appleby who was for many years the head of the Service, but is also remembered as the motivational broadcaster in the BBC Schools' music programme Singing Together which is, incidentally, the name of the song.



            (basic Play)




One of the strangest composition requests in recent years was to write and record music for a CD to accompany a drum tutor. The tutor was first published in 1983 and why it was strange was because the compositions had to be based on some stand-alone drum charts that were written as exercises for the tutor. It seemed like the musical equivalent of someone seeing a front door they like and deciding to build a house to go with it! Still there's nothing like a challenge, and here is a compilation of some of the tracks, which were deliberately given an 80's feel to fit with the original charts. 


            (basic Play)





I hope that has given you a taste of some of the ways Mayday Music can provide custom compositions and arrangements for special events and unusual situations. Costs for special commissions are based on 30 per hour, and comprehensive quotes can be given so you have a realistic expectation of the time involved in carrying out your proposed project.  Please contact us for more information.